25 jan. 2008

Ron Paul wins Florida Republican Debate & 2nd in Louisiana preliminary results

There was a strong anti war pro Ron Paul crowd in the Florida Primary Republican Debate audience on the campus of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida tonight. Results from a MSNBC post debate text messaging poll showed Ron Paul leading before the network decided not to post the official results at the end of the post-debate coverage. The move clearly gets conspiracy theorists abuzz on the Ron Paul posting forums. There was no doubt once again that the clear winner of the debate was Ron Paul. http://www.point-spreads.com/politics/012508-ron-paul-wins-florida-republican-debate-mccain-stumbles-on-economy.html
The Louisiana Republican Party says the state's preliminary results indicate that presidential hopeful Ron Paul has come in second. http://www.presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=40153&sectionid=3510203

20 jan. 2008

Member of Japanese Diet (bicameral legislature house) Doubts Official 9/11 Fairy Tale

On January 11th 2008 member of Parliament Yukihisa Fujita of the Japan Democratic party, made a 20 minute long statement at the House of Councillors, the upper house of the Diet (parliament) of Japan. He questioned the official version of 9/11 presented to the Japanese government and the public by the US administration in a session of the defense commission. http://www.truthnews.us/?p=1644

19 jan. 2008

Doctor alleges plans underway to "Microchip" Newborns in U.S. and Europe

ex-Director General Jan Freese revealed that nursing-home patients were implanted in the mid-1980s. The technology is revealed in the 1972:47 Swedish state report, Statens Officiella Utradninger.

Are you prepared to live in a world in which every newborn baby is micro-chipped? And finally are you ready to have your every move tracked, recorded and placed in Big Brother's data bank? According to the Finnish article, distributed to doctors and medical students, time is running out for changing the direction of military medicine and mind control technology, ensuring the future of human freedom.

"Implanted human beings can be followed anywhere. Their brain functions can be remotely monitored by supercomputers and even altered through the changing of frequencies," wrote Dr. Kilde. "Guinea pigs in secret experiments have included prisoners, soldiers, mental patients,handicapped children, deaf and blind people, homosexuals, single women, the elderly, school children, and any group of people considered "marginal" by the elite experimenters. The published experiences of prisoners in Utah State Prison, for example, are shocking to the conscience.


15 jan. 2008

End of Internet privacy & Mike McConnell

After replacing J.D. "Skull&Bones" Negroponte, Mike "Booz Allen Hamilton" McConnell, director of national security has been a very busy man:

Dancing Spychief Wants to Tap Into Cyberspace:

At issue, McConnell acknowledges, is that in order to accomplish his plan, the government must have the ability to read all the information crossing the Internet in the United States in order to protect it from abuse.

DNI McConnell ‘Americans Are Going To Die’ If We Keep Talking About Wiretapping: http://www.tpmmuckraker.com/archives/003976.php

13 jan. 2008

confirmed: Gulf of Tonkin incident = faked

Report reveals Vietnam War hoaxes, faked attacks

The author of the report "demonstrates that not only is it not true, as (then US) secretary of defense Robert McNamara told Congress, that the evidence of an attack was 'unimpeachable,' but that to the contrary, a review of the classified signals intelligence proves that 'no attack happened that night,'" FAS said in a statement. "What this study demonstrated is that the available intelligence shows that there was no attack. It's a dramatic reversal of the
historical record," Aftergood said. http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20080108/pl_afp/usvietnamintelligence512

See also: telegraph.co.uk,1-11-2005Spy agency faked key Vietnam War data

New Hampshire to Conduct Recount of Presidential Primary