29 dec. 2009

28 years of North Pole ice data in 40 seconds

more info:

Scientists Counter Latest Arctic 'Record' Warmth Claims as 'Pseudoscience’ http://icecap.us/images/uploads/Scientists_Counter_Latest_Arctic.pdf
Antarctic ice cap 'growing' and aren’t theories misunderstood? http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/271218
Antarctic ice is growing, not melting away http://www.news.com.au/antarctic-ice-is-growing-not-melting-away/story-0-1225700043191
Monckton vs Greenpeace (video 2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxIjygRPpmk

10 dec. 2009

Vaccine Additives Implicated in Scientific Link to Autism

If it hadn't been for so many parents insisting that vaccines were responsible for the condition, we might never have found the fact that the stabilizer in MMR and a few other vaccines is hydrolyzed gelatin; a substance that is approximately 21% glycine. It appears that, based on readily verifiable science, the use of that form of glycine triggers an imbalance between the amino acid neurotransmitters responsible for the absorption rate of certain classes of cells throughout the body. It is that wide-spread disruption that apparently results in the systemic problems that encompass the mind and the body characterized in today's 'classic' autism."

DUTCH: Dr. Viera Scheibner - samenvatting Boek Vaccinatie Het Einde van een mythe (1999) (scribd)

28 nov. 2009


Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of 'Anthropogenic Global Warming'?

The conspiracy behind the Anthropogenic Global Warming myth (aka AGW; aka ManBearPig) has been suddenly, brutally and quite deliciously exposed after a hacker broke into the computers at the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (aka CRU) and released 61 megabytes of confidential files onto the internet.
When you read some of those files – including 1079 emails and 72 documents – you realise just why the boffins at CRU might have preferred to keep them confidential. As Andrew Bolt puts it, this scandal could well be “the greatest in modern science”. These alleged emails – supposedly exchanged by some of the most prominent scientists pushing AGW theory – suggest:
Conspiracy, collusion in exaggerating warming data, possibly illegal destruction of embarrassing information, organised resistance to disclosure, manipulation of data, private admissions of flaws in their public claims and much more.
One of the alleged emails has a gentle gloat over the death in 2004 of John L Daly (one of the first climate change sceptics, founder of the Still Waiting For Greenhouse site), commenting:
“In an odd way this is cheering news.”
But perhaps the most damaging revelations are those concerning the way Warmist scientists may variously have manipulated or suppressed evidence in order to support their cause.

UN Scientist Declares Climategate colleagues Mann, Jones and Rahmstorf 'should be barred from the IPCC process' -- They are 'not credible any more'
(Zorita was a UN IPCC Contributing Author of Fourth Assessment Report in 2007)
"I may confirm what has been written in other places: research in some areas of climate science has been and is full of machination, conspiracies, and collusion, as any reader can interpret from the CRU-files."
"In this atmosphere, Ph D students are often tempted to tweak their data so as to fit the 'politically correct picture'. Some, or many issues, about climate change are still not well known. Policy makers should be aware of the attempts to hide these uncertainties under a unified picture. I had the 'pleasure' to experience all this in my area of research. "
"By writing these lines I will just probably achieve that a few of my future studies will, again, not see the light of publication. My area of research happens to be the climate of the past millennia, where I think I am appreciated by other climate-research 'soldiers'. And it happens that some of my mail exchange with Keith Briffa and Timothy Osborn can be found in the CRU-files made public recently on the internet."
http://climatedepot.com/a/4100/UN-scientists-turn-on-each-other-UN-Scientist-Declares-Climategate-colleagues-Mann-Jones-and-Rahmstorf-should-be-barred-from-the-IPCC-process--They-are-not-credible-any-more http://coast.gkss.de/staff/zorita/myview.html

Lawrence Solomon: New Zealand's Climategate
An agency of the New Zealand government has been cooking the books to create a warming trend where none exists, according to a joint research project by global warming skeptics at the Climate Conversation Group and the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition. The chief cook? Dr. Jim Salinger, considered one of the country's top scientists, who began the graph in the 1980s when he was at the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in the UK. CRU, of course, has become ground zero of Climategate at Dr. Salinger has maintained close relations with CRU since, as seen in the Climategate emails.
What do the uncooked books show? Rather than warming over the last hundred years, New Zealand's temperature has been steady.
Read more: http://network.nationalpost.com/np/blogs/fpcomment/archive/2009/11/26/lawrence-solomon-new-zealand-s-climategate.aspx#ixzz0YGnP9bRo
Scientist in climate change 'cover-up' storm told to quit
George Monbiot, a leading environmentalist, said Phil Jones should resign from the Climatic Research Unit over leaked emails that appear to show researchers suppressed scientific data.
More emails came to light yesterday, including one in which an American climatologist admitted it was a travesty that scientists could not explain a lack of global warming in recent years.



Denying Email Deletion:

Warmist conspiracy exposed?

CRU's Source Code: Climategate Uncovered by Marc Sheppard, AmericanThinker.com

“these will be artificially adjusted”



Jarenlang geknoeid met klimaatfeiten - Gehackte e-mails ontmaskeren VN-wetenschappers

The CRU hack http://www.realclimate.org/index.php/archives/2009/11/the-cru-hack/

Hackers expose climate brawl

The Associated Press: Hackers leak e-mails, stoke climate debate

Climategate: five Aussie MPs lead the way by resigning in disgust over carbon tax

Obama’s Science Czar John Holdren involved in unwinding “Climategate” scandal

EDITORIAL: Hiding evidence of global cooling

A message to the environmental movement
Lord Monckton Talks About Climategate On the Alex Jones Show

Why isn't Climategate all over the media? What's their agenda?
All roads seem to lead to implement a "planetary regime" envisioned by the elite long before "global warming" was even a talking point.
If the Copenhagen treaty is signed this December 2009, participating countries will impose a green tax on themselves.
This green tax is not to stop pollution. It is to further limit our freedom. CO2 is non-toxic gas synonymous with life.
In fact, the Carbon Credit scheme will actually allow companies to continue polluting the planet. (& also see my other post labeled "globalwarmingfraud")
Club of Rome, 1991, Proposes global warming as the new enemy to unite us:
see p75:
Final thoughts:
Most of the event/scenarios and their solutions (Club of Rome) are actually taking place today despite real conclusive evidence!
The governing body they are proposing will be signed into international law with the Copenhagen treaty this December 2009.
If you don't want your country to be governed by a self proclaimed and open group of eugenicists, I suggest you educate yourself and others!

Copenhagen: a step closer to one-world government?

Australia's Prime Minister bid to gag climate change sceptics

How the global warming industry is based on one MASSIVE lie

17 nov. 2009

Man-made snowstorms kill at least 38 Chinese

Government scientists in Beijing have been mocked for inducing a recent heavy snowfall that jammed traffic and delayed air travel, state media says.

Sunday's snowfall dropped more than 16 million tonnes of snow on the Chinese capital, blanketing a city where winter heating services have yet to be switched on and leading to howls of public protest, the China Daily reported.

The Weather Modification Office shot massive amounts of chemicals into clouds over the city the night before to provoke the snowfall, which it said was needed due to a lingering drought in the region, the paper said.

Heating of most Beijing buildings was due to begin on November 15 but city officials were forced to move the timetable forward and were working on Wednesday to bring buildings onstream ahead of schedule.


Playing with weather stirs debate in China http://news.smh.com.au/breaking-news-world/playing-with-weather-stirs-debate-in-china-20091111-i9sx.html
Chinezen knoeien met het weer en creëren ergste sneeuwstorm in 60 jaar

related(a small exposé on fallacy of geoengineering):

Professor Crutzen has proposed a method of artificially cooling the global climate by releasing particles of sulphur in the upper atmosphere. + Adding Sulfur to the Atmosphere Proposed to Ease Global warming (nasa.gov July 27, 2006)
=> Health effects of sulphur (see §2): http://www.lenntech.com/periodic/elements/s.htm

Chronic barium(see: US Patent 3813875 Barium release system) intoxication disrupts sulphated proteoglycan synthesis a hypothesis for the origins of multiple sclerosis (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)

UN Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques http://www.opcw.org/chemical-weapons-convention/related-international-agreements/toxic-chemicals-and-the-environment/enmod/

The Chemtrail Smoking Gun - Geoengineering http://www.lightwatcher.com/chemtrails/smoking_gun.html http://www.scribd.com/people/documents/75599/folder/30089

CHEMTRAIL SUNSCREEN TAUGHT IN US SCHOOLS (2004) http://www.willthomas.net/chemtrails/articles/chemtrails_in_us_schools.htm

Edward Teller ("the father of the hydrogen bomb") : "Injecting sunlight-scattering particles into the stratosphere appears to be a promising approach. Why not do that?" http://www.hoover.org/publications/digest/3522851.html

German Military admit using Chemtrails

Hurricane Damage Reduction Ready and Suppressed Since 1969 http://www.infowars.com/articles/science/weather_mod_ben_livingston_cloud_physicist.htm

Imagine planes spraying micorobots that could be inhaled and controlled from a
remote location. "Smart Dust project is to build a self-contained, millimeter-scale
sensing and communication platform for a massively distributed sensor network.

Weather Modification Science and Space Hearing Thursday, November 10 2005 http://commerce.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=Hearings.Hearing&Hearing_ID=15eec51f-0b2e-4d93-93a8-f6e47225c30b

UN Open Skies Treaty "The Treaty also envisages the possible extension of the Open Skies regime to additional areas, such as crisis management and protection of environment."

US Dept of Defense admits knowlegde of the use of environmental weapons in 1997: "Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves." http://www.defenselink.mil

Curious cloud formations linked to quakes (11 April 2008 NewScientist.com)
Quakes can be triggered from other side of globe: study (May 25 2008 breitart.com)

H.R. 2995 [109th] Weather Modification Research and Technology Transfer Authorization Act of 2005


15 nov. 2009

VIDEO: Let's get chipped and party! - Microchipping in Europe already happening.

"We are in a process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy to get people actually to LOVE their servitude." - Aldous Huxley

"Education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished. . . . Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so."
Bertrand Russell[1], The Impact of Science on Society, Simon and Schuster, New York, 1953

Russell is generally credited with being one of the founders of analytic philosophy.
In 1950, Russell was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.
Bertrand Russell was born on 18 May 1872 at Trellech, Monmouthshire, Wales into an aristocratic family.
Bertrand Russell's father, John Russell, Viscount Amberley.
His paternal grandfather, John Russell, 1st Earl Russell, was the second son of John Russell, 6th Duke of Bedford, and had twice been asked to form a government by Queen Victoria, serving her as Prime Minister in the 1840s and 1860s.
The Russells had been prominent for several centuries in Britain before this, coming to power and the peerage with the rise of the Tudor dynasty. They established themselves as one of Britain's leading Whig (Liberal) families, and participated in every great political event from the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1536-40 to the Glorious Revolution in 1688-9 to the Great Reform Act in 1832.

14 nov. 2009

Green Agenda goes ahead: banning private transport

Netherlands To Tax Drivers By the Kilometer http://www.wired.com/autopia/2009/11/dutch-road-tax/

Note that this is all part of UN Agenda 21 (laid out 1989) .

"Agenda 21 is a 40-chapter UN document to reorganize the world around socialist, command and control regulation."Michael S. Coffman, Ph. D.
more info:
Google Sustainable development agenda
Agenda 21 Enforcement - Joan Peros http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2555505500200473764#

8 nov. 2009

Polish Health Minister, a family doctor, tells Parliament she will not allow use of untested swine flu vaccine

The Polish Health Minister Eva Kopacz today told Parliament during a heated debate on the swine flu vaccination that she, as a qualified family doctor with more than 20 year of experience, will not authorise the use of untested vaccines on millions of people in Poland when there is inadequate information about the safety of the jabs.

She said the secret contract that the Polish government was supposed to sign with pharmaceutical companies had more than 20 clauses which are against the law.

Kopacz noted that governments in Western Europe had signed secret agreements with pharmaceutical companies, but suggested that the prosperity of the people of Poland was more important to her than the profits of Big Pharma.

She noted that there are three vaccines proposed for Poland with different types of adjuvants and was concerned that these vaccines were all being treated as if they were the same.

In addition, she observed that only 13 % of the people in Germany want to take the swine flu jab even though 5 times more people in Germany take the regular flu shot than in Poland, and asked why the Germans are so unwilling to take the jab.

She said there was secrecy surrounding the contents of the vaccines. There is no information about the amount of adjuvants in the vaccinesm, she added.

Furthermore, the family doctor and Health Minister said there is absolutely no information about the side effects of the swine flu jab. The pharmaceutical companies did not want to take responsibilty for the jab.


DUTCH Poolse minister van Gezondheid weigert Mexicaanse griepvaccin aan bevolking te geven http://xandernieuws.punt.nl/?id=560850&r=1&tbl_archief=&

20 okt. 2009

Godfrey Bloom slams global warming scam!

European Parliament, Strasbourg - 20.10.2009

18 okt. 2009

German Chancellor, Ministers Get Special H1N1 Vaccine Without Soft Kill Ingredients

Squalene (see also below) and mercury not included in vaccines for German politicians:

Chancellor and Minister should be protected against swine flu after SPIEGEL information with a special vaccine. Officials of ministries and subordinate offices as well. The vaccine does not contain the controversial additive[s] - as opposed to the vaccine for the rest of the population.

full story: http://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/medizin/0,1518,655764,00.html (translate)

related stories:

Swine flu jab link to killer nerve disease: Leaked letter reveals concern of neurologists over 25 deaths in America (info on squalene) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1206807/Swine-flu-jab-link-killer-nerve-disease-Leaked-letter-reveals-concern-neurologists-25-deaths-America.html?printingPage=true

H1N1 Vaccine with Mercury and Squalene Pushed on Pregnant Women http://ancavge.wordpress.com/2009/09/14/h1n1-vaccine-with-mercury-and-squalene-pushed-on-pregnant-women/

20090908_Swine Flu Vaccine Linked to Paralysis (part2)

Historical facts about the dangers (and failures) of vaccines http://www.vaccinationdebate.com/web2.html

45 Reasons to Protect Infants from Vaccines http://www.hpathy.com/papersnew/chatterjee-protect-infants-from-vaccines.asp

7 okt. 2009

Homeland Security plans to scan air travelers’ bodily functions

CNN's Jeanne Meserve described DHS's Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST) as "marrying a lot of existing technology, some of it medical," to measure breathing, heart rate, blinking, fidgeting, and other bodily functions of passengers at airports.

The idea is essentially to create a remote lie detector, where sensors placed at airport security screening areas would be able to monitor a passenger's physical reaction to questions being asked by screeners.

Critics have likened the concept to the "Department of Pre-Crime" in the 2001 film Minority Report, which describes a future where persons are caught and convicted of crimes before they occur.

Originally entitled Project Hostile Intent, the program was revealed by the science magazine NewScientist in 2007. According to a report at the time in the UK's Guardian, "the new devices are expected to be trialled at a handful of airports, borders and ports of entry by 2012."

full story: http://rawstory.com/2009/10/dhs-suspicious-flyers/

25 sep. 2009

US soldiers kidnap civillian at G20 summit

Note that this kidnapping could have been a staged psyop to provoke/entice protestors. Either way it is criminal government conduct.

24 sep. 2009

Belgium Suspends Democracy and Civil Rights Over Swine Flu Pandemic

The Belgian parliament yesterday voted to give the government emergency dictatorial powers under the pretext of dealing with a pandemic emergency.

Belgium is the first country in Europe to formally suspend democracy and civic rights and to switch over to military rule under the authority of a “a special crisis committee” that answers ultimately to WHO and the UN.

WHO declared a pandemic emergency level 6 in June over the “swine flu” pandemic, allowing governments to activate “emergency measures” that suspend the operation of normal government and justice.

Earlier this summer, the Belgian Health Minister Laurette Onkelinx passed a decree allowing the police to be detailed to participate in “medical emergencies” on the mass vaccination and quarantine of the population.


Regering heeft bijzondere machten nodig bij pandemie Mexicaanse griep'

België schort democratie en burgerrechten op bij grieppandemie http://xandernieuws.punt.nl/?id=553295&r=1&tbl_archief=&

31 aug. 2009

EU mandates TOXIC lightbulbs for everyone

The corporate powers in the EU have decided that incandescent (classic) lightbulb will be a thing of the past. They claim they produce too much CO2 and contribute to global warming. Both statements are false and let me tell you why. There is no man-made global warming & besides CO2 is only a small contributing factor in the natural greenhouse effect. See my previous posts on this here.

The introduction of these CFL lamps are another outright attack on our health, safety and income!!
Since today in the EU 100W-75W are forbidden and gradually in 2010 and 2012 other wattages will follow.

From the Daily Mail:

[...] these 'compact fluorescent bulbs' (or CFLs), to which they want us all to switch, use supposedly only a fifth of the energy needed by the familiar tungsten-filament bulbs now to be made illegal.
But [...] because they must be kept on so much longer to run efficiently, the actual amount of energy saved by these bulbs has been vastly exaggerated.

Because they do not produce light in a steady stream, like an incandescent bulb, but flicker 50 times a second, some who use them for reading eventually find their eyes beginning to swim - and they can make fast-moving machine parts look stationary, posing a serious safety problem.

In addition to this, lowenergy bulbs are much more complex to make than standard bulbs, requiring up to ten times as much energy to manufacture. Unlike standard bulbs, they use toxic materials, including mercury vapour, which the EU itself last year banned from landfill sites - which means that recycling the bulbs will itself create an enormously expensive problem.

Perhaps most significantly of all, however, to run CFLs economically they must be kept on more or less continuously. The more they are turned on and off, the shorter becomes their life, creating a fundamental paradox, as is explained by an Australian electrical expert Rod Elliott (whose Elliott Sound Products website provides as good a technical analysis of the disadvantages of CFLs as any on the internet).

In other words, in every possible way this looks like a classic example of kneejerk politics, imposed on us not by our elected Parliament after full consultation and debate, but simply on the whim of 27 politicians sitting around that table in Brussels, not one of whom could have made an informed speech about the pluses and minuses of what they were proposing.

There was not a hint of democracy in this crackpot decision, which will have a major impact on all our lives, costing many of us thousands of pounds and our economy billions - all to achieve little useful purpose, while making our homes considerably less pleasant to live in.

What is dirty electricity or electrical pollution?
Electrical pollution refers to low frequency electromagnetic waves that have unwanted effects, such as badly shielded electric cables that induce disturbances in electrical devices nearby.
Imagine turning on a light bulb and within 20 minutes you notice skin problems:
Dirty Electricity - Part 1 - Rays of Rash http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CVLa_tRslY
Dirty Electricity - Part 2 - Dirty Energy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A55081TOlbQ
Dirty Electricity - Part 3 - Reaction To Rays http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kdvHUUDsJ0
Dirty Electricity - Part 4 - Electrical Shock http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOwyn-xVXV4
Daaaaag ouwe trouwe gloeilamp http://www.gelderlander.nl/voorpagina/liemers/5451147/Daaaaag-ouwe-trouwe-gloeilamp.ece

Einde nadert voor gloeilamp http://www.omroepbrabant.nl/?news/123231432/Einde+nadert+voor+gloeilamp.aspx

reader comments:

People who listen to Short Wave radio (radio hams and enthusiasts) hate these lamps because of the interference they generate - and it travels along the mains wiring from house to house and radiates over a wide area. The light has an unpleasant quality which can make reading or fine dextrous work difficult. In short they are hopeless AND they contain mercury, which the EU has just banned.

They are not ideal task lights close to head. The low frequency field which the trigger gear generates is a hazard. Too many of these in the house and you have a very undesirable level of interference carried around the domestic wiring. This is a form of the 'dirty electricity' problem extensively encountered in the US and Canada.It is wrong to completely cut off supply of lower wattage filament / task lights.

19 aug. 2009

Nationwide Revolt Against Mass Swine Flu Vaccination Accelerates

Despite nurses and frontline health workers being the primary target group to take the vaccine, just 37 per cent of them said they would take the swine flu vaccine in a survey conducted by Nursing Times magazine. 30 per cent said they would not be immunized and 33 per cent said they were unsure.

Of the 30 per cent who said they would refuse to be vaccinated, 60 per cent said the reason was due to fears about the safety of the vaccine, following revelations that the shots will contain mercury and squalene and have also been linked with the killer nerve disease Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Another 31 per cent said they would refuse the vaccine because they did not consider the risk from swine flu to be great enough.

The swine flu vaccine is being rushed through safety procedures while the government has provided pharmaceutical companies with blanket immunity from lawsuits arriving out of the vaccine causing deaths and injuries.

It was previously revealed that some batches of the vaccine will contain mercury, a toxin linked with autism and neurological disorders. The vaccine will also contain the dangerous ingredient squalene, which has been directly linked with cases of Gulf War Syndrome and a host of other debilitating diseases.

It was also recently reported that the UK government sent a confidential letter to senior neurologists telling them to be on the alert for cases of a brain disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), which could be triggered by the vaccine.

Following the leak of the letter a senior neurologist told the Daily Mail, “I would not have the swine flu jab because of the GBS risk.”

The vast majority of respondents to the London Times article about the nurses’ refusal to take the shot commented that they too would refuse to take the vaccine, mirroring sentiment across the country.

At this stage only a deadlier return of the virus backed by a massive government fearmongering campaign is going to make anything like a majority of the population take the swine flu shot.

exerpted from: http://www.infowars.com/nationwide-revolt-against-mass-swine-flu-vaccination-accelerates/

15 aug. 2009

9 aug. 2009

EU Hands Over Water to Corporations

French water distribution firm Lyonnaise des Eaux, a unit of GDF Suez (GSZ.PA) won permission from the European Commission on Wednesday to acquire six firms active in water collection, treatment and supply in France.
Lyonnaise des Eaux (LDE) is to buy shares held by Veolia Eau-Compagnie Générale des Eaux (Veolia Eau) in six subsidiaries owned jointly with Veolia Eau (VIE.PA).
The executive arm of the 27-nation European Union said in a statement that its investigation had revealed the proposed deal would not harm competition in the markets concerned.
LDE and Veolia Eau have decided to sell each other their holdings in nine joint subsidiaries which they control together. At the end of the proposed operation, LDE will take sole control of six of these companies, the Commission said.
related stories:

CBC News - Indepth Water Privatization: how multinationals are taking control of a public resource

Water, like air, is a necessity of human life. It is also, according to Fortune magazine, "One of the world's great business opportunities.It promises to be to the 21st century what oil was to the 20th." In the past ten years, three giant global corporations have quietly assumed control over the water supplied to almost 300 million people in every continent of the world.
A 12-month investigation by journalists in Canada, the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America shows that the results range from questionable to disastrous. And it shows how well-meaning municipal governments in the U.S. and Canada can become vulnerable to the persuasive techniques of these high-powered corporate giants.
The Great Water Heist Senate Bill 787 (US)

Catching rain water is against the law http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=4001252

2 aug. 2009

Vaccine update & information.

Netanyahu Orders Swine Flu Vaccination for All Israelis
Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has ordered the purchase of a swine-flu vaccine for all seven-plus million citizens of Israel. The estimated cost: NIS 450 million.
The vaccination is still in its developmental stage, and is expected to be delivered to Israel in a matter of months.
Netanyahu announced the decision after meeting with Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, who actually objected to it. Litzman, who heads the Ministry (there is no Health Minister) told Army Radio this morning that there is no need for the vaccination. He also said that by the time the vaccination is ready, the winter and its swine-flu dangers will have passed.
Greece to vaccinate population for swine flu
Greece will vaccinate its entire population of 12 million against the H1N1 swine flu pandemic which has swept around the world in weeks, killing hundreds of people, the country's health minister said on Friday.
Military Poised to Help FEMA Battle Swine Flu Outbreak
The Pentagon is preparing to make troops available if necessary to help the Federal Emergency Management Agency tackle a potential outbreak of the H1N1 virus this fall, FOX News has confirmed.
This comes as a government panel recommends certain groups be placed at the front of the line for swine flu vaccinations this fall, including pregnant women, health care workers and children six months and older.
The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices panel also said those first vaccinated should include parents and other caregivers of infants; non-elderly adults who have high-risk medical conditions, and young adults ages 19 to 24.
More important information about vaccines:

The Truth about Flu Shots By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
Vaccination - The Hidden Truth (1998)
[screens&info] [torrent link available]
Vaccines - The Risks, The Benefits, The Choices (Dr. Sherri Tenpenny)
Are Vaccines Safe (Mary Tocco)
Vaccination Myths and Truths by Stephen Lendman
Catherine Austin Fitts is a former high-level US government official and Wall Street insider. She's now the editor of Solari.com [...]." Admitting she's no expert, she wrote this about Swine Flu on July 22: "I believe one of the goals of the swine flu vaccine is depopulation. Perhaps it is the goal of a swine flu epidemic as well, whether bio-warfare or hype around a flu season....Lowering immune systems and increasing toxicity levels combined with poor food, water and terrorizing stress will help do the trick....a plague can so frighten and help control people that they will accept the end of their current benefits....without objection. And a plague with proper planning can be highly profitable. Whatever the truth (about) swine flu and related vaccines....it can be used (to) control (a) situation that is quickly shifting out of control."

30 jul. 2009

WHO Recommends Mandatory Injections to Almost Two Hundred Countries

Executives from Baxter, Novartis, Glaxo-Smith Kline, and Sanofi Pasteur have seats at the advisory group that on July 13th recommended mandatory H1N1 vaccination of everyone in all 194 countries that belong to the World Health Organization (WHO), according to a report just issued by journalist Jane Burgermeister. WHO spokesperson Alphaluck Bhatiasevi confirmed that Dr. Margaret Chan did not give the press briefing at WHO headquarters in Geneva as anticipated. At short notice, Dr. Marie-Paule Kieny stepped in to announce that "vaccines will be needed in all countries."

Journalist Files Charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder
As the anticipated July release date for Baxter's A/H1N1 flu pandemic vaccine approaches, an Austrian investigative journalist is warning the world that the greatest crime in the history of humanity is underway. Jane Burgermeister has recently filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), and several of the highest ranking government and corporate officials concerning bioterrorism and attempts to commit mass murder. She has also prepared an injunction against forced vaccination which is being filed in America. These actions follow her charges filed in April against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology of Austria for producing contaminated bird flu vaccine, alleging this was a deliberate act to cause and profit from a pandemic.
60 Minutes' Mike Wallace confronts government scientists about the Swine Flu vaccine of 1976:
60 Minutes - 1976 Swine Flu Scam PART 1
60 Minutes - 1976 Swine Flu Scam PART 2
There's panic in the streets over a flu outbreak. "Projections are that this virus will kill 1 million Americans," the nation's top health official has warned.
The virus is swine flu. But the date is 1976. And the projection, it turns out, is off by 999,999 deaths. Direct ones, that is. The hastily developed vaccine killed or crippled hundreds. Sadly, the current hysteria threatens vaccine devastation on a worldwide scale. Will you let your children be vaccinated by your government?

26 jul. 2009

Former Mayor: Crusade against white lines (chemtrails)

Former mayor of Evergem (Belgium) files complaint against toxic emissions of airplanes.

De Gentenaar 26 july 2009 [1]

Crusade against white lines

“We are massively being poisoned and brainwashed” Former mayor Peter Vereecke (53) of Evergem wants the justice department and the city council to act against planes that are according to him spraying day and night disease causing germs and chemicals all over the world. ”Rest assured I am not insane”

Willy De Buck (excerpted & translated by chellow)


“Don’t confuse this with contrails”, said Vereecke. “Those are harmless condensation trails that are only visible for a few seconds. On the other hand chemtrails are clouds of chemicals and disease causing germs that are deliberately sprayed on us to manipulate our behaviour. The councilmen and - women were stunned and listened to his every word. At last some other subject than a loose tile or a backed-up sewage pipe.

“I hope that the city council mobilizes all possible government ministries to fight this mental and physical attack. I have already filed two complaints with the local police, but they don’t to anything with it”, said Vereecke. Could it be that they had a good laugh with it?

The internet is full of conspiracy theories about chemtrails: the spray planes that are supposedly being used to conduct massive sterilisations in populated areas, for large vaccination campaigns and genetic manipulation of humans and plants, for the spread of epidemics, for the subjugation of populations, to manipulate weather and to combat climate change. Or a combination of the above.

“I find the theories all very interesting but I don’t choose a side” says alarmist Vereecke. "I’m only saying that the chemtrails have provable effects on our health en that they are being conducted by hidden power structures behind the veil of the official political world. Don’t make any illusions: what we see are merely puppets. Even Barack Obama is a puppet. The real powers are hidden under the lee."

Can you be more specific? Who are the people that are really pulling the strings?

Peter Vereecke: “Those are the co-called Illuminati, the enlightened ones. They are members of secret societies like the Bilderberg group, but are also active in business and global organisations like the United Nations and NATO. It’s not about one certain group but about a type of person with a certain DNA that is common in higher levels of power: people that do not care about the value of human life and are obsessed with power, money and control.

Names, give us a few names.

“Take Al Gore for example. He is member of the illuminati. His message about global warming only has one purpose: money. Because worldwide we will have to pay for the coming measures. That will result in higher taxes and higher food prices and environmental measures in business. That will result in a massive cash-flow. Meanwhile it is confirmed that human activity only accounts for 3% of the global warming.”

But what does Al Gore have to do with chemtrails?

“My point is this: all global processes revolve around money, power and control. The brains behind the chemtrails are at the top level of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. 100 years ago for example, 1% of people got cancer. Today that number is one in three. Dat is very convenient for some people. The cancer cure industry is a billion dollar business. Just like the treatment of so many other diseases that are skyrocketing in the last 10-15 years. Alzheimer, Parkinson, autism, ADHD, asthma, diabetes, allergies,…we have never been so sick as now. Our physical, emotional and intellectual health is being systematically undermined. How do you explain that?”


“Voilà. They certainly play a role in this because the spray planes are being used more intensively the last few years. You can observe the phenomenon in our country at least 10 days per month. Why don’t you see these chemtrails above the Sahara of the Amazon? Spraying chemicals over there would be useless as there are no people living there. Our whole environment is chemicalized: our food, healthcare, everything is based on chemistry.”

No one takes action…

“Because our thinking processes are being conditioned. Look at the eyes of the people in the street, they are medicated and walk around like zombies. A dull look without "joie de vivre" and without an outlook on life. Hence my crusade: people wake up, open you eyes, act before it is too late…”

“I will call the current mayor to hear what he is going to do with my message. I want him to make clear to the higher bodies that people are concerned. The Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of the Interior, the Department of Health, the Ministry of the Environment… they need to be told about these concerns and our outrage. I don’t want this to be covered up.


I can imagine people calling you insane: “Mister Vereecke has seen the light”

“Not to my face. And probably also not behind my back because I have solid curriculum and a strong image. Most people remember me as philologist, mayor and business man. Not as a dreamer or crazy person but as a sober, critical and level-headed person that is looking for answers.

Just to confirm: you are not being treated psychologically at the moment.

(laughs hard) “No I feel mentally and physically fit. But I must admit if I were currently in the city council and someone would start talking about white lines in the sky, I would ask if that person Peter Vereecke is all there.

[1] Original article not available online here is a scan: http://www.scribd.com/doc/17690172/Kruistocht-tegen-witte-strepen-De-Gentenaar-26-Jul-2009

related articles (dutch):


my geoengineering/chemtrail source documents: http://www.scribd.com/people/documents/75599/folder/30089

9 jul. 2009

Jewish vs Palestinian persecution: the 3rd Reich and Israel.

More pictures on Norman G. Finkelstein Website

Soviet gun control introduced in New Jersey

Soviet = rule by council(s) [1]

Video here(twilight zone anyone?): http://www.ci.newark.nj.us/
Other governments introducing "snitch-laws": USSR, Nazi Germany,...

related: Gun ownership and crime: Case Study Belgium http://www.wapenwet.info/ (recommended reading)


4 jul. 2009

Congressman Dennis Kucinich: Troop Movements Are not a ‘Withdrawal’

“The withdrawal of some U.S. combat troops from Iraq’s cities is welcome and long overdue news. However, it is important to remember that this is not the same as a withdrawal of U.S. troops and contractors from Iraq."

“U.S. troop combat missions throughout Iraq are not scheduled to end until more than a year from now in August of 2010. In addition, U.S. troops are not scheduled for a complete withdrawal for another two and a half years on December 31, 2011. Rather, U.S. troops are leaving Iraqi cities for military bases in Iraq. They are still in Iraq, and they can be summoned back at any time."

“This troop movement should not be confused with a troop withdrawal from Iraq. In reality, this is a small step toward Iraqi sovereignty as Iraqi security forces begin assuming greater control over security operations, but it is a long way from independence and a withdrawal of the U.S. military presence.”

14 jun. 2009

Sarkozy’s Secret Plan for Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccination

The French Government is developing secret plans to impose mandatory vaccination of the entire French population, allegedly against possible Swine Flu disease according to reports leaked in a French newspaper. The plan is without precedent and even defies recommended public health advice. Pharmaceutical giants benefit from the move, as the Swine Flu increases the trend towards the militarization of public health and use of needless population panic to advance the agenda.

According to a report in the May 30 edition of the French newspaper, Le Journal du Dimanche, the Sarkozy government has authorized spending of an estimated €1 billion to buy vaccines allegedly to combat or protect against H1N1 Swine Flu virus. The only problem is that to date neither the WHO nor the US Government’s Center for Diseases Control (CDC) have succeeded to isolate, photograph with an electron microscope and chemically classify the H1N1 Influenza A virus. There is no scientifically published evidence that French virologists have done so either. To mandate drugs for a putative disease that has not even been characterized is dubious to say the least.
more: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=13835

Something to put the swine flu outbreak in perspective: The regular seasonal flu has killed more than 13,000 people in the U.S. since January, and kills between 250,000 and 500,000 worldwide annually.
If the vaccine is taken on masse, there will be more deaths related to the vaccine itself then of the "swine flu" virus.

Swine flu vaccine could be ready by fall http://www.cbc.ca/health/story/2009/06/12/swine-flu-vaccine-morocco012.html

6 jun. 2009

Obama's Internet 2.0

Should Obama Control the Internet?

A new bill would give the President emergency authority to halt web traffic and access private data.

Senators John Rockefeller (D-W. Va.) and Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) think so. On Wednesday they introduced a bill to establish the Office of the National Cybersecurity Advisor—an arm of the executive branch that would have vast power to monitor and control Internet traffic to protect against threats to critical cyber infrastructure.
Obama’s new war doctrine: ‘Cyber dominance’
The US military is moving ahead with plans to create its first “cyber command” designed to bolster America’s potential to wage digital warfare as well as defend against mounting cyber threats, officials said on Friday.
After President Barack Obama announced Friday his plans to overhaul cyber security policy, Defense Secretary Robert Gates was expected to soon formally propose the new cyber command that will be overseen by a four-star officer, Pentagon officials told AFP.

21 mei 2009

DUTCH - De Morgen ontslaat onderzoeksjournalist Georges Timmerman!

De Morgen ontslaat een van de beste onderzoeksjournalisten in het land... waarom?

George Timmerman schreef belangrijke artikels in strijd tegen corruptie in de Belgische politiek, politie & staatsveiligheid.
Zo schreef hij een aantal artikels over staatsterreur in België: Operatie Gladio, Bende Van Nijvel, Belliraj&Co. (terrorist/informant bij de Belgische staatsveiligheid, ook voor andere inlichtingendiensten) ...

Hier volgt een selectie van recente artikels van Georges Timmerman:


Informant stond onder bevel van Al Qaida
Staatsveiligheid houdt 200 'extremistische' politici in de gaten
Staatsveiligheid wist dat Belliraj wapens smokkelde
Staatsveiligheid wist maanden op voorhand dat Belliraj terrorist was
Staatsveiligheid wist niets van terreurdreiging
Negatief advies naturalisatie Belliraj blijkt verdwenen
Medeverdachten van Belliraj 'verdwenen' voor hun arrestatie
Belliraj zat ook in dossier militaire inlichtingendienst
Al-Qaida leden lopen nog vrij rond in Brussel
Terrorist was jaren informant Staatsveiligheid
Operatie Gladio & related
Het spiegelpaleis by Georges Timmerman 14 May 2005
Belgische geheim agent smokkelde twintig jaar ongestoord wapens
andere artikels van Timmerman:
CIA houdt YouTube in de gaten
Megadatabank voor politie in de maak
Staatsveiligheid hield plannen zelfmoordterroriste geheim (Muriel Degauque)
Wie heeft politieke dossiers van de Staatsveiligheid gestolen
Buitenlandse geheime agenten infiltreerden in Lernout & Hauspie
Buitenlandse spionnen doen zich hier voor als journalisten

Over de ontslagen:

Adam Curtis - The Rise and Fall of the TV Journalist

14 mei 2009

France defies EU parliament on internet law

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - In defiance of the European Parliament, the French lower house has approved a law that has widely been described as the most aggressive attempt to counter internet piracy yet.

The 'three-strikes' law that would cut off internet access to users found to be repeatedly downloading copyright content without the permission of the owner was passed by 296 votes to 233 in what is the government's second attempt to push through the bill.

The legislation, which creates a new government agency, the Hadopi ( the Haute Autorite pour la Diffusion des Oeuvres et la Protection des droits sur Internet, or High Authority for the Diffusion of Works and the Protection of Rights on the Internet), which first sends a web-surfer an email warning, then a letter through the post and, finally, as the third 'strike,' can interrupt his internet access for up to a year.

The bill, a flagship piece of legislation for President Nicholas Sarkozy, whose wife is a pop star, was defeated last month when deputies from the governing centre-right UMP failed to turn up to vote in sufficient numbers and the opposition Socialists managed to quash it.

However, in a move targetting the French three-strikes law, last week, the European Parliament approved an amendment to a major piece of telecommunications legislation specifically outlawing the ability of governments to cut off internet access without first receiving a court order.

The European bill including the amendment must still be endorsed by the [unelected] Council of Ministers, representing the EU member states, when telecoms ministers meet on 12 June.


related: http://chellow.blogspot.com/2007/09/internet-censorship-internet-20-trusted_05.html

4 mei 2009

Commercializing a pandemic

Congressman Paul on the Recent Swine Flu Scare:
note: Dept. of "Homeland Security" involved (why? cfr. german translation of this department).

1976 Swine Flu Propaganda

28 apr. 2009

Obama's regulatory czar wants Net 'Fairness Doctrine': SCAN & BLOCK E-MAILS

WASHINGTON – Barack Obama's nominee for "regulatory czar" has advocated a "Fairness Doctrine" for the Internet that would require opposing opinions be linked and also has suggested angry e-mails should be prevented from being sent by technology that would require a 24-hour cooling off period.

The revelations about Cass Sunstein, Obama's friend from the University of Chicago Law School and nominee to head the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, come in a new book by Brad O'Leary, "Shut Up, America! The End of Free Speech." OIRA will oversee regulation throughout the U.S. government.

Sunstein also has argued in his prolific literary works that the Internet is anti-democratic because of the way users can filter out information of their own choosing.

"A system of limitless individual choices, with respect to communications, is not necessarily in the interest of citizenship and self-government," he wrote. "Democratic efforts to reduce the resulting problems ought not be rejected in freedom's name."


18 apr. 2009

Obama's war request: $83.4 billion. [Yes we can be suckered into more wars.]

President Barack Obama asked Congress Thursday for $83.4 billion in new contingency funds to maintain U.S. military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and ramp up spending in conjunction with Pakistan to counter the Taliban threat to the Afghan government.

“We face a security situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan that demands urgent attention,” Obama said in a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). “The Taliban is resurgent and al Qaeda threatens America from its safe haven along the Afghan-Pakistan border.”

more: http://dyn.politico.com/printstory.cfm?uuid=8C3831CA-18FE-70B2-A8535F0DEE1D8CE4
Obama wil 63 miljard extra voor oorlogen http://www.spitsnieuws.nl/archives/buitenland/2009/04/obama_wil_63_miljard_extra_voo.html

16 apr. 2009

Caroll Quigley (Bill Clinton's mentor, historian for the Council on Foreign Relations) quotes

"The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world's central banks which were themselves private corporations.
Each central bank sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world.

The growth of financial capitalism made possible a centralization of world economic control and use of this power for the direct benefit of financiers and the indirect injury of all other economic groups.'' (Book: Tragedy and Hope 1966 pag. 325,338,950)

The problem of public debts [1] arose from the fact that as money (credit) was created, it was usually made in such a way that it was not in the control of the state but was in the control of private
financial institutions which demanded real wealth at some future date for the creation of claims on wealth in the present. The problem of public debt could have been met in one or more of several fashions:
a) by increasing the amount of real wealth...
b) by devaluation...
c) by repudiation...
d) by taxation...
e) by the issuance of fiat money and the payment of the debt by such money.
Efforts to pay the public debt by fiat money would have made the inflation problem worse.
(ibid pp 330)

Belgische staatsschuld stijgt met 800 euro per seconde http://www.demorgen.be/dm/nl/3324/Economie/article/detail/793371/2009/03/25/Belgische-staatsschuld-stijgt-met-800-euro-per-seconde.dhtml
As of April 7, 2009, the total U.S. federal debt was $11,152,772,833,835.89 US National Debt or this Debt Clock http://www.brillig.com/debt_clock/

9 apr. 2009

Obama administration trying to legalize CHEMTRAILS

Associated Press: Obama science adviser says global warming may require tinkering with atmosphere
But Holdren noted that shooting particles into the air — making an artificial volcano as one Nobel laureate has suggested — could have grave side effects and would not completely solve all the problems from soaring greenhouse gas emissions. So such actions could not be taken lightly, he said.
Still, "we might get desperate enough to want to use it," he added.

btw: we've been chemtrailed by our globalist friends for years.
here are some other sourcedocs on my Scribd account http://www.scribd.com/people/documents/75599/folder/30089

7 apr. 2009

Chinese university students asked about Tiananmen Square protests 1989

The falsification of history has done more to mislead humans than any single thing known to mankind. - Jean Jacques Rousseau
We learn from history that we learn nothing from history. - George Bernard Shaw (a fabian socialist, here a quote from his book)

False history gets made all day, any day, the truth of the new is never on the news. - Adrienne Rich
History is the present. That's why every generation writes it anew. But what most people think of as history is its end product, myth. - E. L. Doctorow

1989 image you will never see on US television:

3 apr. 2009

Obama's compulsory service articles

National Service Corps Bill Clears Senate Hurdle

Following overwhelming House passage last week, the Senate tonight voted 74 to 14 on a procedural move that essentially guarantees a major expansion of a national service corps, a cornerstone of volunteerism that dates back to the era of President Kennedy. It’s akin to a call to arms by President Obama, who has harkened back to those early days to demand giving back by those who voted for him.
Alan Khazei:

from change.gov (later removed):

GIVE Mandatory Service Act Strips First Amendment of “Volunteers”
On March 18, Rep. George Miller, a Democrat from California, tacked an amendment on H.R. 1388, entitled “Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act,” or GIVE (to government), Obama’s plan to require mandatory service for all able young people. Miller’s amendment will “prohibit organizations from attempting to influence legislation; organize or engage in protests, petitions, boycotts, or strikes; and assist, promote, or deter union organizing,” according to GovTrack.us, a site that tracks Congress.
In other words, Obama’s “volunteer corps” act, passed by the House with a 321-105 margin and requiring the government to develop a plan for indentured servitude, would deny millions of people their right to oppose and organize against government legistation under the First Amendment. “This is as close to a sedition act, a violation of 1st Amendment rights, as has been proposed in recent history. A basic right as a part of our natural, inalienable rights, is to resist government. Our founders not only knew it was a right but it was a responsibility. This legislation begins to break that down significantly,” writes Gary Wood for the Examiner.

UK & US civillian defence corps (history anyone??)

One such program has seen hundreds of police, firefighters, paramedics and utility workers recently trained and dispatched as “Terrorism Liaison Officers” in Colorado, Arizona and California to watch for “suspicious activity” which is later fed into a secret government database.

Similar initiatives have been introduced in other western countries, including recently in the UK with the announcement that MI5 is currently training up to 60,000 UK citizens as part a civilian network of terrorist spotters, according to Prime Minister Gordon Brown and home secretary, Jacqui Smith.

In addition, Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, publicly stated his intention to help create “universal civil defense training” in 2006.

In an interview with Ben Smith of the New York Daily News, Emanuel outlined the agenda for military-style training, essentially a domestic draft, aimed at preparing Americans for a chemical or biological terrorist attack.


2 apr. 2009

EU president: Obama's rescue plan is 'road to hell'

"The US treasury secretary talks about permanent action and we at our [EU summit] were quite alarmed by that. He talks about an extensive US stimulus campaign. All of these steps are the road to hell."

Yesterday, Brown told the same chamber he had just spoken to Obama in preparation for next week's London summit. "Never in recent years have we had an American leadership so keen at all levels to cooperate with Europe on financial stability, climate change, security and development," said Brown.


Queen Elizabeth’s Gift to Calderón: Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four

Felipe Calderón gave the Queen of England a Maque tray from Michoacan. The Queen gave Calderón a collector’s edition of George Orwell’s dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. Calderón received the book as he bowed and scraped at Buckingham Palace.

Queen featured stories   Queen Elizabeths Gift to Calderón: Orwells Nineteen Eighty Four

Felipe Calderón meets with the Queen.

On its face, the gift presented to Calderón seems rather strange. But when you think about it, not really. In the novel, Oceania has a strict social class arrangement with the Inner Party at the top (2% of the population represented by Big Brother), the Outer Party of bureaucrats in the middle, and a large number of Proles at the bottom. The Inner Party believes the Proles are inferior and expendable and strives to make certain they live in misery, not unlike the average Mexican who lives under grinding poverty while a small predatory and parasitical class represented by Calderón steals the country’s wealth.

The elected president of Mexico is Andrés Manuel López Obrador, but Mexico’s elite rigged the election in 2006 and installed the “free market” — that is to say, the globalist and bankster tool — Felipe Calderón.

Mexico has rather obvious and obnoxious social classes based along racial lines. Most of the country is mestizo (of mixed European and native ancestry) while the ruling elite is white. It is not uncommon for the elite to harbor racist attitudes bordering on white supremacy.

Felipe Calderón is careful not to display racist attitudes. Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, does not share this aversion. He has made numerous racist, sexist and xenophobic comments in public and seems to revel in telling “jokes” about the lower classes (see Top 15 Quotes of Prince Philip).

Skin color is foremost in the minds of the royals. The BBC bent over backward to excuse Prince Charles for his racism. The Prince of Wales is fond of calling an Asian polo club member “Sooty.” Kolin Dhillon, the club member, told the BBC he likes “being called Sooty by my friends who I am sure universally use the name as a term of affection with no offense meant or felt.”

featured stories   Queen Elizabeths Gift to Calderón: Orwells Nineteen Eighty Four


The Duke and Duchess of Windsor meet Adolf Hitler in 1937.

But of equal import is the fact the royals are unabashed Nazi sympathizers. It’s not simply Prince Harry’s penchant for wearing Nazi uniforms — he wore the uniform at a friend’s birthday party in Wiltshire, which had the tell-tale dress theme “colonial and native” in 2005 — but royal family has a sordid history of royal support for Nazis as well.

King Edward VIII, who became the Duke of Windsor after abdicating in 1936, was sympathetic towards Hitler. In 1970 he told one interviewer: “I never thought Hitler was such a bad chap.” The duke and his wife, Wallis Simpson, had visited Germany in 1937 and were taken to meet the Führer.

Edward’s abdication led to Queen Elizabeth II’s ascension to the throne in 1952. It is said her second cousin, Prince Philip, whom she married, had siblings with connections to the Nazis. Philip was trained in the Hitler Youth. “Not only was he trained in the Hitler Youth curriculum, but his German brothers-in-law, with whom he lived, all became high-ranking figures in the Nazi Party,” writes Scott Thompson in The American Almanac. Philip’s belief in population control and eugenics is like a page right out the Nazi playbook.

“Other royals also had links to the Nazis,” writes Richard Woods for the Sunday Times. “Baron Gunther von Reibnitz, the father of Princess Michael of Kent, was a party member and an honorary member of the SS. And the brother of Princess Alice, a great-aunt to the Queen, was a Nazi who said that Hitler had done a ‘wonderful job.’”

“Three of Philip’s brothers-in-law were part of a group of German aristocrats who were Anglophile and pro-Nazi at the same time, and who remain a subversive force in Germany to this day,” Thompson adds.

It’s no secret the British monarchy, and the City of London’s leading Crown bankers, enthusiastically backed Hitler and the Nazis, bankrolled the Führer’s election, and did everything possible to build the Nazi war machine.

Considering the historical record — dutifully ignored by the corporate media as Obama bows and scrapes before the Queen and her pro-Nazi and racist husband — the Queen’s gift to Felipe Calderón may be inappropriate.

She should have gifted him with a copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf.