20 okt. 2009

Godfrey Bloom slams global warming scam!

European Parliament, Strasbourg - 20.10.2009

18 okt. 2009

German Chancellor, Ministers Get Special H1N1 Vaccine Without Soft Kill Ingredients

Squalene (see also below) and mercury not included in vaccines for German politicians:

Chancellor and Minister should be protected against swine flu after SPIEGEL information with a special vaccine. Officials of ministries and subordinate offices as well. The vaccine does not contain the controversial additive[s] - as opposed to the vaccine for the rest of the population.

full story: http://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/medizin/0,1518,655764,00.html (translate)

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7 okt. 2009

Homeland Security plans to scan air travelers’ bodily functions

CNN's Jeanne Meserve described DHS's Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST) as "marrying a lot of existing technology, some of it medical," to measure breathing, heart rate, blinking, fidgeting, and other bodily functions of passengers at airports.

The idea is essentially to create a remote lie detector, where sensors placed at airport security screening areas would be able to monitor a passenger's physical reaction to questions being asked by screeners.

Critics have likened the concept to the "Department of Pre-Crime" in the 2001 film Minority Report, which describes a future where persons are caught and convicted of crimes before they occur.

Originally entitled Project Hostile Intent, the program was revealed by the science magazine NewScientist in 2007. According to a report at the time in the UK's Guardian, "the new devices are expected to be trialled at a handful of airports, borders and ports of entry by 2012."

full story: http://rawstory.com/2009/10/dhs-suspicious-flyers/