31 aug. 2009

EU mandates TOXIC lightbulbs for everyone

The corporate powers in the EU have decided that incandescent (classic) lightbulb will be a thing of the past. They claim they produce too much CO2 and contribute to global warming. Both statements are false and let me tell you why. There is no man-made global warming & besides CO2 is only a small contributing factor in the natural greenhouse effect. See my previous posts on this here.

The introduction of these CFL lamps are another outright attack on our health, safety and income!!
Since today in the EU 100W-75W are forbidden and gradually in 2010 and 2012 other wattages will follow.

From the Daily Mail:

[...] these 'compact fluorescent bulbs' (or CFLs), to which they want us all to switch, use supposedly only a fifth of the energy needed by the familiar tungsten-filament bulbs now to be made illegal.
But [...] because they must be kept on so much longer to run efficiently, the actual amount of energy saved by these bulbs has been vastly exaggerated.

Because they do not produce light in a steady stream, like an incandescent bulb, but flicker 50 times a second, some who use them for reading eventually find their eyes beginning to swim - and they can make fast-moving machine parts look stationary, posing a serious safety problem.

In addition to this, lowenergy bulbs are much more complex to make than standard bulbs, requiring up to ten times as much energy to manufacture. Unlike standard bulbs, they use toxic materials, including mercury vapour, which the EU itself last year banned from landfill sites - which means that recycling the bulbs will itself create an enormously expensive problem.

Perhaps most significantly of all, however, to run CFLs economically they must be kept on more or less continuously. The more they are turned on and off, the shorter becomes their life, creating a fundamental paradox, as is explained by an Australian electrical expert Rod Elliott (whose Elliott Sound Products website provides as good a technical analysis of the disadvantages of CFLs as any on the internet).

In other words, in every possible way this looks like a classic example of kneejerk politics, imposed on us not by our elected Parliament after full consultation and debate, but simply on the whim of 27 politicians sitting around that table in Brussels, not one of whom could have made an informed speech about the pluses and minuses of what they were proposing.

There was not a hint of democracy in this crackpot decision, which will have a major impact on all our lives, costing many of us thousands of pounds and our economy billions - all to achieve little useful purpose, while making our homes considerably less pleasant to live in.

What is dirty electricity or electrical pollution?
Electrical pollution refers to low frequency electromagnetic waves that have unwanted effects, such as badly shielded electric cables that induce disturbances in electrical devices nearby.
Imagine turning on a light bulb and within 20 minutes you notice skin problems:
Dirty Electricity - Part 1 - Rays of Rash http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CVLa_tRslY
Dirty Electricity - Part 2 - Dirty Energy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A55081TOlbQ
Dirty Electricity - Part 3 - Reaction To Rays http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kdvHUUDsJ0
Dirty Electricity - Part 4 - Electrical Shock http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOwyn-xVXV4
Daaaaag ouwe trouwe gloeilamp http://www.gelderlander.nl/voorpagina/liemers/5451147/Daaaaag-ouwe-trouwe-gloeilamp.ece

Einde nadert voor gloeilamp http://www.omroepbrabant.nl/?news/123231432/Einde+nadert+voor+gloeilamp.aspx

reader comments:

People who listen to Short Wave radio (radio hams and enthusiasts) hate these lamps because of the interference they generate - and it travels along the mains wiring from house to house and radiates over a wide area. The light has an unpleasant quality which can make reading or fine dextrous work difficult. In short they are hopeless AND they contain mercury, which the EU has just banned.

They are not ideal task lights close to head. The low frequency field which the trigger gear generates is a hazard. Too many of these in the house and you have a very undesirable level of interference carried around the domestic wiring. This is a form of the 'dirty electricity' problem extensively encountered in the US and Canada.It is wrong to completely cut off supply of lower wattage filament / task lights.

19 aug. 2009

Nationwide Revolt Against Mass Swine Flu Vaccination Accelerates

Despite nurses and frontline health workers being the primary target group to take the vaccine, just 37 per cent of them said they would take the swine flu vaccine in a survey conducted by Nursing Times magazine. 30 per cent said they would not be immunized and 33 per cent said they were unsure.

Of the 30 per cent who said they would refuse to be vaccinated, 60 per cent said the reason was due to fears about the safety of the vaccine, following revelations that the shots will contain mercury and squalene and have also been linked with the killer nerve disease Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Another 31 per cent said they would refuse the vaccine because they did not consider the risk from swine flu to be great enough.

The swine flu vaccine is being rushed through safety procedures while the government has provided pharmaceutical companies with blanket immunity from lawsuits arriving out of the vaccine causing deaths and injuries.

It was previously revealed that some batches of the vaccine will contain mercury, a toxin linked with autism and neurological disorders. The vaccine will also contain the dangerous ingredient squalene, which has been directly linked with cases of Gulf War Syndrome and a host of other debilitating diseases.

It was also recently reported that the UK government sent a confidential letter to senior neurologists telling them to be on the alert for cases of a brain disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), which could be triggered by the vaccine.

Following the leak of the letter a senior neurologist told the Daily Mail, “I would not have the swine flu jab because of the GBS risk.”

The vast majority of respondents to the London Times article about the nurses’ refusal to take the shot commented that they too would refuse to take the vaccine, mirroring sentiment across the country.

At this stage only a deadlier return of the virus backed by a massive government fearmongering campaign is going to make anything like a majority of the population take the swine flu shot.

exerpted from: http://www.infowars.com/nationwide-revolt-against-mass-swine-flu-vaccination-accelerates/

15 aug. 2009

9 aug. 2009

EU Hands Over Water to Corporations

French water distribution firm Lyonnaise des Eaux, a unit of GDF Suez (GSZ.PA) won permission from the European Commission on Wednesday to acquire six firms active in water collection, treatment and supply in France.
Lyonnaise des Eaux (LDE) is to buy shares held by Veolia Eau-Compagnie Générale des Eaux (Veolia Eau) in six subsidiaries owned jointly with Veolia Eau (VIE.PA).
The executive arm of the 27-nation European Union said in a statement that its investigation had revealed the proposed deal would not harm competition in the markets concerned.
LDE and Veolia Eau have decided to sell each other their holdings in nine joint subsidiaries which they control together. At the end of the proposed operation, LDE will take sole control of six of these companies, the Commission said.
related stories:

CBC News - Indepth Water Privatization: how multinationals are taking control of a public resource

Water, like air, is a necessity of human life. It is also, according to Fortune magazine, "One of the world's great business opportunities.It promises to be to the 21st century what oil was to the 20th." In the past ten years, three giant global corporations have quietly assumed control over the water supplied to almost 300 million people in every continent of the world.
A 12-month investigation by journalists in Canada, the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America shows that the results range from questionable to disastrous. And it shows how well-meaning municipal governments in the U.S. and Canada can become vulnerable to the persuasive techniques of these high-powered corporate giants.
The Great Water Heist Senate Bill 787 (US)

Catching rain water is against the law http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=4001252

2 aug. 2009

Vaccine update & information.

Netanyahu Orders Swine Flu Vaccination for All Israelis
Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has ordered the purchase of a swine-flu vaccine for all seven-plus million citizens of Israel. The estimated cost: NIS 450 million.
The vaccination is still in its developmental stage, and is expected to be delivered to Israel in a matter of months.
Netanyahu announced the decision after meeting with Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, who actually objected to it. Litzman, who heads the Ministry (there is no Health Minister) told Army Radio this morning that there is no need for the vaccination. He also said that by the time the vaccination is ready, the winter and its swine-flu dangers will have passed.
Greece to vaccinate population for swine flu
Greece will vaccinate its entire population of 12 million against the H1N1 swine flu pandemic which has swept around the world in weeks, killing hundreds of people, the country's health minister said on Friday.
Military Poised to Help FEMA Battle Swine Flu Outbreak
The Pentagon is preparing to make troops available if necessary to help the Federal Emergency Management Agency tackle a potential outbreak of the H1N1 virus this fall, FOX News has confirmed.
This comes as a government panel recommends certain groups be placed at the front of the line for swine flu vaccinations this fall, including pregnant women, health care workers and children six months and older.
The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices panel also said those first vaccinated should include parents and other caregivers of infants; non-elderly adults who have high-risk medical conditions, and young adults ages 19 to 24.
More important information about vaccines:

The Truth about Flu Shots By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
Vaccination - The Hidden Truth (1998)
[screens&info] [torrent link available]
Vaccines - The Risks, The Benefits, The Choices (Dr. Sherri Tenpenny)
Are Vaccines Safe (Mary Tocco)
Vaccination Myths and Truths by Stephen Lendman
Catherine Austin Fitts is a former high-level US government official and Wall Street insider. She's now the editor of Solari.com [...]." Admitting she's no expert, she wrote this about Swine Flu on July 22: "I believe one of the goals of the swine flu vaccine is depopulation. Perhaps it is the goal of a swine flu epidemic as well, whether bio-warfare or hype around a flu season....Lowering immune systems and increasing toxicity levels combined with poor food, water and terrorizing stress will help do the trick....a plague can so frighten and help control people that they will accept the end of their current benefits....without objection. And a plague with proper planning can be highly profitable. Whatever the truth (about) swine flu and related vaccines....it can be used (to) control (a) situation that is quickly shifting out of control."