9 okt. 2008

Cell Phones Worse Than Smoking

Cancer Institute Warns of Cell Phone Risks (July 2008):

Tumor immunologist Dr. Ronald B. Herberman, director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute
The Case for Precaution in Cell Phone Use - Dr. Ronald B. Herberman
Study: Cell Phones Worse Than Smoking (march 2008)
Dr. Vini Khurana, a top British neurosurgeon and medical researcher, is trying ardently to grab people's attention about what he sees as a grave risk to health. His latest research, currently under peer-review prior to journal publication, emphasizes a strong link between cell phones and tumors.
Mobile Phone-Brain Tumour Public Health Advisory (Home Page): http://www.brain-surgery.us/mobilephone.html
Only ten minutes on a mobile could trigger cancer, scientists believe (dailymail.co.uk,30th August 2007)
Prenatal cell phone exposure tied to behavior (reuters.com Jul 29, 2008,SOURCE: Epidemiology, July 2008)
Children whose mothers used cell phones frequently during pregnancy and who are themselves cell phone users are more likely to have behavior problems, new research shows.
Kheifets and her team looked at a group of 13,159 children ....
...research has shown that children using cell phones are exposed to more radiofrequency energy than adults, because their ears and brains are smaller.
...children with both prenatal and postnatal cell phone exposure were 80 percent more likely to have abnormal or borderline scores on tests evaluating emotional problems, conduct problems, hyperactivity, or problems with peers.
The Latest Study on the Risk of Brain Cancer From Wireless Phone Use
Children who use mobile phones are 'five times more likely to develop brain tumours' (sept 2008)
Mobile use 'increases cancer risk in children, according to research presented at a British conference.
Scientists have warned children to only use mobile phones in emergencies, after a Swedish study indicated that under-16s were more at risk of radiation from mobile phones because their brains and nervous systems were still developing.
The research was reported at the first international conference on mobile phones and health in London.
Study Mobile phone use increases brain tumor risk (The Industry Standard October 2004)
New Study Shows Cell Phones Are No Friend of Gonads (sept 2008)
Corruption in safety studies:
Source of Funding and Results of Studies of Health Effects of Mobile Phone
Recommended & well-sourced reading by Amy Worthington:
Amy Worthington - Generation X-Ray (August 2008 Idaho Observer)
Amy Worthington - The radiation poisoning of America(September 2007 Idaho Observer)

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