30 nov. 2008

Ron Paul warns of secret plans to create international central bank

Texas Congressman Ron Paul has warned that international forces are planning the creation of a global central bank that will see a new fiat monetary system come to dominate the world economy.
The 2008 presidential candidate also warned that Barack Obama’s administration will only represent a change in faces and not in policies.
Speaking about the recent G20 meeting Paul toldRussia Today [1] :

“I think something will come of it but you probably didn’t hear about it yet. There was some pomp and ceremony that the public knew about, but behind the scenes they were talking about the future and what they are going to do to try to internationalize all regulations, going in the opposite direction of free market and more towards international regulations. I’m sure they even talked about an international central bank.”

source: http://www.deepjournal.com/p/7/a/en/1793.html
[1] VIDEO interview http://www.russiatoday.com/guests/video/1833

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