14 jul. 2010

"Aerotoxic Syndrome": pilot & passengers poisoned by engine fumes (Chemtrail related?)

Former Australian pilot says toxic engine fumes made him sick

A former pilot for Australia's largest airline claims he was paralysed in mid-flight because of "aerotoxic syndrome" - exposure to toxic engine fumes on airliners, The Sunday Telegraph reports.

Campaigners say that poisonous chemicals leaking into the aircraft cabin cause symptoms ranging from dizziness, hallucinations, memory loss and fatigue to seizures and even paralysis.

Passengers are also thought to be affected, but campaigners say the symptoms are often confused with jetlag, so few complain.


"On my last flight in 2006 my fingers were paralysed and I couldn't move my hands" he said.

"I had never heard of aerotoxic syndrome and didn't realise I was at risk.

"The problem is that pilots are living in constant fear of losing their jobs if they show any symptoms, so nobody wants to make a fuss."

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/travel/news/former-australian-pilot-says-toxic-engine-fumes-made-him-sick

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